Wenceslas square by BEST divadlo

pondělí 4. 3. 2019
začátek 20:00

"Sweet memories of freedoms -- sweating new government pressures ... pass me a pivo!"

An American theatre professor, living in Czechoslovakia during the Prague Spring, returns to the U.S. and writes a book of glowing praise about the Czech art scene. A few years later, just before the book is printed, his publisher suggests that he return to write a final chapter. What he finds --after the change-- makes him wonder if he should release the book at all! Playwright Larry Shue's ensemble comedy pokes fun at reversals of political fortune and is a gentle reminder of how artists make it through difficult times by 'keeping their heads down.'

Directors: Birupaksha Ray and Filip Danhel

Kabinet Muz - 24 February; 2, 3 and 31 March
Ticket reservation on bestdivadlo@gmail.com
Ticket prices: 250 czk full, 125 student/ senior

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Wenceslas square by BEST divadlo
4. 3. 2019 ve 20:00