Go vote! Expat register to vote

pondělí 17. 9. 2018
začátek 17:00

Do you want to vote in the municipal elections on 5th and 6th October? If you are an EU citizen with temporary or permanent residence in Brno, you can!

You can vote for the City council and also for your City-district council.

There is one thing you have to do before though. You have to visit your municipal district office (Úřad městské části) and let yourself enlist to the permanent electoral register. Which might be a bit time consuming and inconvenient.

Or let us help you!

Come to Kabinet MÚZ on the 17th of September between 17.00 to 19.00! Bring your ID and 30 Kč, there will be a licensed and English speaking notary who will verify your signature and we will handle the rest at your local municipal office for you!

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Go vote! Expat register to vote
17. 9. 2018 ve 17:00