Brno English Speaking Theatre - #1 David Mamot / November

neděle 11. 3. 2018
začátek 19:00

The brand new BEST divadlo.
Brno’s own English-speaking theatre, is proud to present its inaugural production, “November” at Kabinet Múz.

March 11, 12, 24, 25 / April 3, 4.

It’s a presidential election year in America and the sitting president is so bad that his own political party won’t give him any money for his re-election campaign. BUT – it’s November which means the Thanksgiving holiday is coming. Maybe he can squeeze some money out of the turkey farmers or the rebels in Bulgaria or the Native Americans or … Written by the USA’s greatest living playwright David Mamet (author of “Glengarry Glen Ross,” ”Sexual Perversity in Chicago” and the screenplay for “The Untouchables”), this fast-paced farce touches on all the things that make American politics lovably corrupt.

Author: David Mamot
Director: Gene Terruso


Entry: 250kč
Students and Group concessions.

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Brno English Speaking Theatre - #1 David Mamot / November
11. 3. 2018 ve 19:00