Kabinet Jam session #3

čtvrtek 15. 3. 2018
začátek 20:00

M.O.C. presents: Kabinet MÚZ jam session

Next edition of Kabinet MÚZ jam session. Want to get rid of the winter blues? Getting sick of the cold and tired of the jazz standards? Join the chaos and warm yourselves up in the spotlights of Kabinet MÚZ! Hope to see you again on March 15th, starting at 20.00.

Be prepared for a musical mayhem. The first session a merger of different genres and disciplines arose that have never been seen before. The gentle sound of a cello slowly merged into energetic guitar riffs while electronic beats were alternated with the loud, deep, resonant sound of live drums. Later in the evening the saxophone caused the air in Kabinet to vibrate so hard that the PA system almost collapsed. Fortunately the bass player wasn’t impressed by that too much and brought some order back into the chaos.

We are serious, we are the masters of chaos, see you in Kabinet MÚZ! (Drumkit, PA and amps available but bring your own instruments.)

Basic rules:
- If you want to play talk to one of the session leaders (Monique Veenswijk/ Mononoke No Akira)
- Keep your eyes and ears open, listen to each other
- Leave your rock star attitude at home
- No drinks on the stage
- Please take care of the equipment (and the volume)

Doors open: 20.00 * free entrance but donations to maintain the backline are very much appreciated * drumkit and amps available * bring your own instruments * No one is illegal * 100% vegan * no racism * Photo © Monique Veenswijk Photography

Kabinet MÚZ
Sukova 4

Akce je spojena s Pozdní večeře v DIE KÜCHE // do 22:00!

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Kabinet Jam session #3
15. 3. 2018 ve 20:00